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60 meter Band 5MHz International Frequency List  60 meters: The Rock Band



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International 5MHz Ham Radio 60 meters Band Information
News: FCC Changes 5MHz USA Rules
USA hams get CW and Data modes, one different channel in early 2012, read more...
New Feature! USA 60m Operating Guide
A quick reference for the new USB, Digi & CW rules, with settings for the... read more...
Worldwide 5 MHz Channel List
This information was compiled from official and unofficial sources worldwide. Telecommunications authorities in various countries have also allowed specific operators or stations to use 5MHz as a part of their individually licensed frequency assignments.
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About 60 meters... "The Rock Band"

5MHz has predictable propagation qualities that combine the best aspects of 40 meters and 80 meters. In areas of the world above 35 degrees of latitude, 60 meters is often the best (or only) NVIS band during daylight hours. In more equatorial latitudes, 5MHz provides constant NVIS communications during hours of twilight and darkness. Many non-governmental and governmental HF systems around the world depend upon 5MHz daily. The Rock Band is always open to somewhere.

In 2003, when activity first began in USA on 5MHz, Bonnie Crystal KQ6XA was on the air talking with a group of stations in California. That evening, she coined the term The Rock Band to refer to the 5MHz ham band. She said "It is as solid as a rock!  ... and it is also channelized, so 60 meters seems fit to be The Rock Band." The term caught on among hams. Now, The Rock Band has become widely used for EMCOMM nets, disaster readiness, and regional QSOs.

HF Frequency Coordination

To contribute news and information about 5MHz operation for any country, or updates to this site, please post the information to the
5MHz forum or send it direct.
Contact for coordination:
Bonnie Crystal KQ6XA VR2KQ6XA
International Coordinator
HF Frequency Coordination Committee, HFLINK

Bonnie Crystal KQ6XA VR2KQ6XA

5MHz Yahoo Group

For those who are interested in staying more informed or participating in further discussions about changes in 5MHz internationally, please join the international 5MHz group on Yahoogroups.

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